Starling Force Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that we are among the best in Korea
for improving the conditions of capillary blood vessels.

Having researched capillaries for more than a decade,
we currently offer medical equipment and health functional foods.

Starling Force

CEO Message

Capillaries are the pipeline of life for cells

Engaging in a single subject brings one to have more specialized sense to that subject.

Having concentrated in the capillaries of human body for the last 20 years, our company has learned a few things about human capillaries.
What did we learn? It is that as the capillaries age, the inconvenience of old age also comes to the organ and brings sufferings of chronic diseases.
Even if it may not be due to aging, many ill people find out that their capillaries are quite different from those of normal people.

The cause of the diseases are aroused when the cells deep inside our body do not receive sufficient amount of blood via capillaries; the capillaries deliver oxygen, water, and nutrition, vital for the life of the cells.

Fortunately, the company has learned that,
even if the capillaries are different from those of healthy people,
consuming related health functional foods
, which began production in August of 2010,
can deliver more blood to tens of thousands of capillaries.

We plan to concentrate on further researches that brings healthier lives in this age of old-aging.